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Courier service allows organizing prompt cargo delivery for trading enterprises, transport companies, small businesses and online stores from one point to another. For a large number of organizations this service allows not only build their activities efficiently, but also significantly reduce time and costs, because in this case first-class professionals are involved in the logistics. Contact LIK company, to take advantage of all these benefits.

The advantages of our courier service

Our company offers you to take advantage of using our integrated service that includes not only the delivery of cargo “from door to door”, but also execution of accompanying documents, quick acceptance of goods to the warehouse, placing into storage, shipment of newly formed parties and much more. At the same time, we accept from 1 pallet for storage and offer very favourable cooperation conditions.


  • we have our own storage facilities with a capacity of 15 thousand pallets, so you do not have to waste time looking for additional warehouses in case of expansion of its activities;
  • our warehouse has a convenient location (20 km from Moscow Ring Road), which allows you to perform quickly delivery to Moscow and Moscow region;
  • the delivery of goods at any point of Moscow and Moscow Region during a single day;
  • our customers are able to carry out arrival on the day of signing the agreement and to be sure that we take the goods at any time;
  • you can apply for the calculation of services cost, filling in a simple form on our website. This will help you to make an order quickly and clarify all interested questions;
  • our customers are able to control their warehouse with the help of Personal Account, access to which they get immediately after signing the agreement with us. With this Account, you can track the status of orders at any time, prepare the documents for receiving the goods, and distribute applications to the storekeeper and so on.

Thus, there are many reasons why you should entrust the delivery to us. We offer not only a full range of warehousing and logistics services, but also care about our customers, offering them designed integrated solutions and affordable prices.



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