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Currently transportation services are necessary for most industrial and commercial enterprises, as well as online stores that deliver their goods to different wholesale and retail sales points, as well as the end consumer. In this case, road transport is most preferred, as it is able to perform cargo transportation as quickly as possible and at the best price. Please contact LIK company, to find a reliable carrier,

Our company has a wide experience in performing activities in the logistics services market and and carry out its cargo transportation not only on the territory of Russia, but also on international directions. We take into account the interests of our customers and provide a wide range of services, which is possible due to the coordinated work of high quality professionals team, modern equipment and the renewed vehicle fleet. We are able to handle transportation of any complexity, and therefore we undertake the transportation of both standard sized and over-sized cargo, deliver perishable goods, items of appreciated value, and any other goods always on time.


  • We always follow the terms of delivery specified in the contract, and therefore we guarantee timely order processing.
  • We offer reasonable prices for our services that is possible thanks to own vehicle fleet as well as a partnership with the largest transportation companies;
  • Our company is ready to organize the delivery of cargo from anywhere in the world;
  • We are ready to organize the delivery of cargo in any convenient way for you: trucking, air freight, rail transport, multimodal transportation of cargo;
  • The whole cargo is insured, so our customers are protected from the risks associated with loss, theft, inflammation, dampness and other force majeure;
  • We offer profit making integrated solutions that will allow you no longer spend time for solving a number of logistic problems related to the delivery of goods from one point to another, customs clearance, safekeeping of the goods;
  • Our customers can always count on an individual approach and absolutely free consulting.

Freight Transportation is responsible activity related to the solving of many important issues, which can be competently solved only by experienced professionals in logistics and transportation fields. Please contact LIK company, to find such experts.



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