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«Logistics & Consulting» company provides legal services to trading and transport companies, online stores, advertising agencies and other commercial organizations. We are specialized in different fields of law, leading companies are our customers. We prepare different agreements correctly, help in the disputed legal issues, and consult and carry out claims work.

The experienced lawyers of our company will help you to deal with the legal framework, help to make optimum work configuration with contractors and staff, they will be able to analyse compliance with the legislation and internal documents of the enterprise and give appropriate recommendations for errors correcting.

If you have any disputes with contractors, we will help you to solve it in the court. Claims and litigations are also our specialty. We represent interests in courts of all levels and international arbitrations, in public institutions and committees. We can help you with registration of licenses and permits.


      written and oral consulting on the application of the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
      development and legal examination of documents;
      representation in tax and other state authorities;
      subscription and legal services;
      representing the customer in negotiations with the Russian and foreign partners;
      registration of legal entities of any organizational and legal forms;
      legal assistance in registration of securities issues, prospectuses;
      legal assistance in the formulation of licenses, permits and certificates.


  • Professionalism and experience of lawyers. Our employees have been working in the transportation law field during not one year, so they know all the subtleties and nuances of this sphere.
  • A full range of legal services. All questions arising during cargo transition and storage can be solved by our lawyers: legal framework, insurance, claims work, international law, counselling and so on.
  • Efficiency and punctuality. We are always available and willing to carry out the assignment as soon as possible. Our employees always work, they are not “on vacation”, “at their own expense” or “on maternity leave”.
  • Spending optimization. You do not need to hire lawyers, spend time and money looking for employees, you save money on wages, taxes and contributions. At the same time, we take full responsibility for their work.
  • Integrated services. We provide not only legal services, but also transportation, warehousing and storage, accounting and customs clearance. We are responsible for all logistics questions.
  • We help to solve issues with the insurance compensation, damage compensation, and so on.
  • Individual work. We offer a special work scheme for each customer. We realize every activity is unique, so we adapt it to the customer’s needs to optimize spending..



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