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If you are engaged in foreign trade activities, LIK company is ready to offer professional services for customs clearance. We offer a complete FEA outsourcing that will give you the ability to optimize the spending of additional staff. Everything, from the registration of non-tariff and customs documentation to warehousing and transportation, is ready to be undertaken by the logistics company.

The range of services includes determining the amount of the required customs fees, duties and taxes, without which the clearing of cargo is not possible, as well as rigorous validation of information provided by the declarant, we check the price of declared production in particular. You will be able to issue correct invoices waybill, declarations and other documents with our help.

Qualified lawyers are in our staff, so you will not have problems with the preparation of foreign trade delivery agreement. We will help you in obtaining certificates of origin and/or compliance, hygienic, veterinary and other documents.


      passports of transactions, statements and supporting documents on currency transactions;
      selection scheme of foreign trade transactions;
      certification of goods
      preparation and execution of accompanying documents;
      cargo insurance;
      written and oral advice on foreign economic activity;
      registration of the organization as a participant of foreign economic activity;
      organization of storage, processing and delivery;
      customs clearance and electronic declaration of goods;
      classification of goods, selection of HS codes.


  • Integrated approach. We offer export-import operation from A to Z and from execution of documents to delivery to the end user.
  • Individual approach. We make an agreement with each customer and we are working on an individual scheme in order to optimize spending. With us you will not pay for services you do not need.
  • Professional staff. We have experienced logisticians, specialists in foreign trade, lawyers and accountants, who are acknowledged with all customs clearance details.
  • ПTimely execution and delivery. Your cargo will not be idle and ”stuck” on the border, as we do all according to the letter of the law, so there will be no problems.
  • Available services cost. With the help of an integrated approach we can significantly reduce your goods processing, transportation and storage expenditures.
  • Convenient warehouse. The warehouse complex is 10,000 square meters located just 20 km from Moscow Ring Road, has convenient access to roads, heated and guarded around the clock. Control over the warehouse processes is based on WMS RS-Balance system.
  • Automation. All cargo transportation can be tracked online at «Personal Account». Now you do not need to call the manager constantly in order to find out the status of the application or make a new one, it can be done in real time.



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