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Logistics and Сonsulting
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Consulting is a complex aggregate of measures directed to the diagnosis, development and implementation of processes optimizing the activity of business entities.

«Logistics and Consulting» company offers integrated services comprising professional consulting. It includes accounting and legal services, support of foreign economic activities of the organizations as well. As a whole, this will lead to increased profitability of your company, reducing the costs and increasing of sales volumes.

Thanks to cooperation with our company, many areas of activity can be outsourced. It is, above all, legal issues, foreign economic activity, accounting and auditing. You can only conduct own main activity, concentrating fully on it.


  • * Professionalism and experience. Contacting our company, you can count on the professional specialists support with solid experience in the logistics field.
  • * Individual approach. It is necessary to use an individual approach to provide services in the consulting field. Our experts will develop an optimal scheme of work for your case and offer flexible discounts systems...
  • * Legally correct and quick handling of goods. The legal department of our company will consult on all matters concerning customs clearance, prepare documents for export and import of goods, regardless of its category, and help to execute all transportation documents.
  • * Reasonable cost and quality ratio. You can count on the highest quality services addressing to our company. Cost of services of our specialists is an optimal in this segment.
  • * Safety. You can no longer worry about the goods. It will be in professionals’ safe hands, so it will be always delivered on time, without any delay..
  • * Benefits. Profitability of your company will increase, and as a result, , the sales will increase significantly due to the acceleration of goods turnover.



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